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Provider of white labelled ANPR technology solutions to car park management companies since 2003

About Us

Ranger Services Ltd help car park operators increase their bottom line, win new business, manage their sites with optimum efficiency and ultimately, drive up standards for both landowners and motorists. Our exponential growth over the last seven years is testament to the exceptional service we provide, which has led to high levels of client loyalty.

Benefitting from unique access to the resources and knowledge of industry experts and trailblazers. We employ 50+ people and enjoy big company credibility and capability while simultaneously fiercely protecting our small company mentality. This gives us our edge and provides us with the confidence to offer each client a bespoke service and unlimited support.

We are dedicated to staying at the forefront of new product innovation and we invest time, money and resources into developing the most advanced and pioneering technological solutions, all in response to the growing needs of our clients.

We have been supporting car parking companies since 2003 and pride ourselves on getting under the skin of each client’s business and building a service package that meets their needs.

Modular approach

We provide a complete car park management solution - for everything from installation and maintenance, to the handling of appeals and correspondence.
Uniquely, we have split our services in to modules so that our clients can pick and choose which parts they want us to manage, and choose if they wish to handle other parts themselves.

An official Dell reseller

We are an official Dell reseller which enables us to offer the entire Dell range to our clients.

Ranger Services Ltd

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